Alexa Aronson

About Alexa

2x Billboard Top 30 charting Artist

Alexa Aronson is a 2x Billboard Top 30 charting artist, which she achieved by the age of 15 making her one of the youngest artists to ever do so. Sharing the mic on “Music feels better” with hip-hop superstar Snoop Dogg, her debut single climbed all the way to #16 on the charts.
Now 22, she is set to release her debut Ep, an urban pop influenced set of 7 new studio recordings in collaboration with a list of Grammy nominated and multi platinum producers.
The song “Lighters” was inspired by the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, FL, Alexa’s hometown. Hip Hop legend Fat Joe heard the track and was so moved that he composed and performed one of his most heartfelt verses for the track. Since then Joe has become a close mentor to Alexa and has taken an active interest in her career.  Alexa is very proud to have the opportunity to join an exclusive club of people Fat Joe has help to guide to stardom, including Remy Ma, Big Pun and Dj Khaled.

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